FHS-Coupling receives DESIGN PLUS powered by ISH 2019 award

The newly designed grey-red-grey Funke FHS-Coupling is suitable for connecting wastewater pipes with differing outer diameters, materials and surface structures. The pipe coupling for sanitary facilities was selected by a jury of experts as part of the Design Plus competition in the run-up to the IHS, which will take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in March. Design Plus powered by ISH 2019 is the international competition for exhibitors at the ISH. According to the event organiser, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, the competition sets out to reward superior, high-performance products that combine technology and design in a clever way.

Impressive product features

Aspects such as innovative content, future viability, sustainability and energy efficiency play a significant role in the evaluation. If we take a closer look at these important properties, the three-part swivel-joint coupling is well able to deliver: The coupling can be installed vertically as well as horizontally, and it is suitable for use both underneath concrete and inside soil. It can be used to connect pipes made of any common material, such as cast iron, steel, PP, PE, PVC or clay, as well as other types of smooth or corrugated pipes with nominal diameters ranging from DN/OD 40 to DN/OD 110. The FHS-Coupling, which consists of several exterior profiles and one connecting element, is also designed for utmost flexibility. When fastened to the pipes that need to be connected, it reduces in size as needed. This ensures a seamless fit and an optimum match with the existing pipe geometries. The clamping ranges available for the nominal diameters described above are 40-65 mm (FHS40), 50-80 mm (FHS50) and 75-110 mm (FHS75).